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  - - Last Update: January 25, 2004

Dear Alumni and Friends:  

We want to thank you for the patience you have exercised during the short time the site was offline.  We encountered some technical difficulties which took a rather considerable time to resolve than we expected.  We are happy to have resolved the technical aspects of our problems.  Our other concern is a problem with funding to pay for hosting our site.  Over the past 3 years, we only used to pay for our domain name www.temasco.com with the hosting coming to us for free.  We have arrived at a point where we do not have that free hosting anymore.  As we all know, all things free come with limitations and usually end unexpectedly. 

Can you help?  Yes, you can.  All we need to pay is $4.95/ month. You may send an email to this address and we will gladly feature you in our upcoming Temasco person of the month column and also among a list of contributors.  Thank You.

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Welcome to TemascoWeb, the Internet home of one of the best and popular schools in Ghana.  Here, you can read about Temasco news, explore the campus, get in touch with old students, exchange ideas and link up with old friends.


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